Difference between T cells and B cells in Table form

T lymphocytes and B lymphocytes are both white blood cells involved in the fight against infections in our bodies.

Differences between T cells and B cells

They provide immunity and also help to prevent future infections.

Differences between T cells and B cells

Sl.NoCharacteristicsT CellsB Cells
1Alternative namesThey are also called T
They are also called as B Lymphocytes
2Role in ImmunityT Cell is responsible for the development of cellular and humoral immunity (T Cell activates B- cells)B Cell helps in the development of humoral immunity
3Source or OriginT Cells formed in the bone marrow. But they get matured in the Thymus gland.Whereas B cells originate and also
get matured in the bone marrow
4Mature cellsMature cells occur inside the lymph nodes.Mature cells occur outside the lymph nodes.
5ProcessingT cell processing occurs mostly during the period between just before birth and a few months after birth.B cell processing in mammals takes
place in the liver (during fetal life)
and bone marrow (after birth).
6DiscoveryT Cells were found during the ingestion of the foreign particles in the body.B lymphocytes were discovered in
the Bursa of Fabricius (lymphoid
organ situated near the cloacae of
birds) in birds, hence the name B
7MobilityT Cells are highly motile.B Cells are less motile.
These receptors are absent in the T Cells.The complement receptors are
present in the B Cells.
9Types of
T Cell only bears TCR receptorsB Cells only bear BCR receptors.
10LifespanT Cells have a longer lifespan.B Cells have a shorter lifespan.
Absence of Surface
Immunoglobulin in T Cells
Presence of Surface
Immunoglobulin in B Cell.
12ProliferationUpon antigenic stimulation, differentiate into effector and
memory cells.
Upon antigenic stimulation,
proliferate and differentiate into
plasma and memory cells.
13Types and their
T Lymphocytes are transformed
into four types.
1) Helper T cells or Inducer
T Cells: Necessary for
the B Cell activation by
T-dependent antigens
and t-effector cells.
2) Suppressor T cells:
Blocks induction and
activation of T H cells
and B cells.
3) Cytotoxic T cells or
Killer T cells: Differentiate into a CTL that lyses cells recognized as non-self.
4) Memory T Cells.
The B Lymphocytes are modified
into two types.
1) Plasma cells: A cell arising
from a B cell that
manufactures specific
2) Memory cells: A long-lived
cell responsible for the anamnestic response.
14Secretory ProductThe secretory product of the T cell is cytokines.The secretory product of the B cell
is antibodies.
15DistributionWidely distributed in the blood, lymph, and lymphoid tissues.They are concentrated in the spleen, lymph nodes, bone marrow, and other lymphoid tissues.
16Binds soluble
T cells do not bind to the soluble antigen.B cells are bound to the soluble antigen.
17Biochemistry of
the antigens
Mostly proteins, but some glycolipids presented on MHC
Proteins, glycolipids,
1) Antigens processed
internally and presented as linear peptides bound
to MHC molecules.
2) Involves three partners: T cell receptor, antigen,
and MHC molecules.
1) Accessible areas of protein structure containing
sequential amino acids and non-sequential amino acids.
2) Immunoglobulin receptors bind to antigens in native
19ChemotaxisT Cells have the ability to move
to the site of infection.
B Cells do not have the ability to
move to the site of infection.
20Blood ratioT Cells cells constitute 80% of total blood lymphocytes are.The B-Cells constitute 20% of the total blood lymphocytes.
21Immunity againstT cells defend against pathogens like viruses, protists, and
fungi that enter the cells in the body.
B cells fight against bacteria and
that occur in the bloodstream or lymph.
22Recognition of
self components
T cells have low-affinity binding
of self, MHC, and self-peptide in the thymus are necessary for positive selection.
B cells are true for the minority B-1
B cell subset.
23Recognition of
T cells do not recognize MHC-
presented peptides.
B cells can identify the MHC- presented peptides.
24Allelic exclusionT cells display more than one TCR alpha chain.It has light (k/lambda) or TCR alpha chain.

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