Types of Immune Cells | Their Role in Body Defense

Types of Immune Cells

There are different types of immune cells in the body like Lymphocytes Monocytes and macrophages Basophils Neutrophils Eosinophils The cells of the immune system attack the disease-causing agents like microorganisms, parasites and prevent infections. Some of the cells work by neutralization of foreign material. While others eat and destroy the disease-causing microbes. But few of […]

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Test for carbohydrates | Their Methods and Examples

Test for carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are quite common in many samples including our food. The test for carbohydrates are many and vary depending on the type of carbohydrate under analysis. However, we can list out them in 8 tests as below Test for carbohydrates: Fehlings test Molisch’s test Osazone formation test Selivanoff’s test Test for pentoses Keller kiliani test […]

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Ribosomes Function | Their Role in Protein Synthesis

ribosomes function

Ribosomes function is primarily limited to protein synthesis in the cells. But they also act as targets for few drugs in the treatment of diseases. Ribosomes are complex structures having two sub units. One subunit is larger one while the other one is smaller in size. Chemically they are a combination of ribonucleic acid with […]

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Undergraduate Degree in Genetics | Best Universities for Study in US & UK

Undergraduate Degree in Genetics

There is a wide range of career opportunities for people who choose to study a genetics program in their higher education studies. Some career opportunities include healthcare scientists, pharmacologists, clinical research, research scientist, and geneticist. Because of this, many people are trying to research what the best schools are to study genetics. Most undergraduate programs […]

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Importance of Lysosomes | Role in Growth, Disease and Fertilization

Importance of Lysosomes

Importance of lysosomes is not limited to cell death alone. As we know, lysosomes are the cell organelles which act as storehouses of catalytic enzymes. Many hydrolytic lysosomal enzymes enclosed in the membranous organelle. The lysosomes are primarily involved in digestion, cell death, repair, defense and also growth. The hydrolytic enzymes are enclosed inside the […]

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Lysosomes | Their Structure, Location and Functions

lysosomes function

Lysosomes are the membrane organelles present in both plant cells and animal cells. They are also present in protozoa but absent in the bacteria. Instead, a periplasmatic space in between cell wall and cell membrane play the role similar to lysosomes. Lysosomes are present near to the cell membrane or even attached it. They have […]

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Plant Cell Parts | Their Structure and Functions

plant cell parts

Plant cell parts are almost similar to animal cells with few exceptions and functional differences These plant cells are eukaryotic cells The plant cell is rigid and hard than the animal cells. Further, plant cells are green in color due to the presence of special pigments which aid in photosynthesis. Though there are many similarities, […]

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