Fun Facts about the Solar System

Our solar system is quite huge and diverse.There are many fun facts about solar system like

1. Size of planet Jupiter: Jupiter is so large planet that 1300 earths can be fit into it. But its mass is just 318 times more than earth.

Fun Facts about the Solar System

2. Density of planet Saturn: The planet Saturn is the least dense among all the planet present in solar system. Its density is even lesser than that of the water. It means it would float on water.

3. Rotation of Venus: It is the planet present before the earth towards the sun in the solar system. Interestingly unlike earth and other planets, it rotates from east to west. For us sun rises in the east and sets in the west. This is because earth rotates from west to east. So, Venus rotates in quite opposite way.

4. Color of earth from space: Earth when seen from space, it is bluish-green in color. This is because of reflection of light by the vast water mass and land on the earth.

5. Rotation of Uranus: Just like the planet Venus, Uranus rotates from east to west. But another contrast is that it appears to rolls on its orbital. This is because of the titled axis of it. The axis is perpendicular to the orbit.

6. Lack of satellites: Earth and other planets have moons as natural satellites. But, few planets like Mercury and Venus which are closer to sun have no satellites.

7. Asteroid cloud: There is a large gap between the orbits of planets Mars and Jupiter.

Fun Facts about the Solar System-asteroid belt

In this gap, there are many small objects revolving round the sun. They are called as asteroids.

8. Comets tail: Comets are bright objects which rotate in elliptical orbits around the sun. The length of the comets tail grows as it approaches the sun. Also, the tail is always directed away from the sun.

9. Periodical appearance of comets: Many comets appear periodically. Halley’s comet is one which appears once in 76 years. Most recently, it was seen in 1986.

10. The Pole star: The pole star always appears to be at same position.

Fun facts about solar system-pole star

It does not seem to move because it is situated in the same direction of earths axis.

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