Height Growth Hormone |Its role in the body.

Height growth hormone also called as human growth hormone is one of the peptide hormones secreted by anterior portion of pituitary gland in the brain.

This hormone controls growth of a person during his early life.

It is believed that the height of a person grows till the age of 18 years and not from there after.

It exerts it action by acting on all the cells and tissues of the body.

But specifically on bone, cartilage and other cells responsible for body growth in height.

However, it is effective in growth promotion till particular age of 18 years and not there after.

Somatotrophic hormone or growth hormone is a hormone of pituitary gland which contributes to height of a person. This height growth stops at around 18 years of age due to growth of pubic symphisis.

Physiology of human growth hormone (height growth hormone):

This is also called a somatotrophic hormone. It acts on all tissues of the body and helps increase in cell size, promote cell multiplication and increase in number of cells especially those of bone cells.Height Growth Hormone

It promotes protein formation and deposition in tissues. It also enhances transfer of amino acids into cell required for protein formation. Even the breakdown of proteins is reduced.

The body grows in height and size due to its action. But the height of the body rises till the epiphysis of the long bones unite with the shafts. Once done no rise in height is possible. This occurs around 18 to 19 years of age. So growth in height is freely possible till this age. There after though the growth hormone is secreted, there is no growth in height but only tissue mass grows.

But the best source of growth hormone is enhancement of internal secretion before the end of height growth.

Can one grow taller after puberty? Puberty is physical maturation around 13-15 years for both girls and boys. And the age till which body grows in height is 18 years. So one has chances of growth for 4-5years after puberty. 

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