World Health Organization internship program for students

World Health Organization (WHO) provides free internships for aspiring candidates regularly.

The program is free of cost for anyone. But the number of candidates selected is low. So one has to face tough competition to get some World Health Organization internships.

The aim of the internship is to let the candidates get exposed to the nature of work done by WHO in different parts of the world.

World health organization internship program

The internship is for a few weeks to months and is in every department of WHO like administration, research, accounts, service, etc.

The candidate should currently be doing his graduation or post-graduation studies preferably in research, public health, finance, public relations like subjects for eligibility.

One should also have a minimum knowledge of English and also be a nonsmoker (tobacco-free) and also non-alcoholic to be part of the international team.

Further if not English, one should at-least know the language of the local country to work in the regional office or WHO station is located.

The candidate is given internship works on a full time basis and not like part time or a few hours per day sort.

The candidate enrolled in the WHO internship program is not paid a salary or even given scholarships. It is just a voluntary service so as to learn and get exposed. So this might seem quite expensive and WHO clearly warns about this for students willing to apply for an internship.

Hence a student willing to participate in the internships should bear all the expenses incurred by him like stay in the place, travel etc. Further student should be registered for a health insurance policy to be able to pay for his health service in case of illness during the WHO internship program.

Further working in World Health Organization internship, doesn’t entitle you for an employment based on it after completion. One needs to still go through the normal procedure for selection into the job.

But since one has already some exposure to the nature of WHO work, he/ she has more idea of where he fits in suitably to work. May be those students are given preference even during the selection process for employment in WHO.

One can fill the World health organization internship application online at the WHO internship program.

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