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11 Organ Systems | Their Important Functions in the Human Body

Human body has many organs which play an important role in body physiology. These organs are differentiated into organ systems for ease of study. The concept of an organ comes from the fact that a group of tissues are involved in a common function by forming an anatomical structure. This anatomical structure is called an […]

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Insecticides and Pesticides | Their Types Uses & Effects

Insecticides and Pesticides

Insecticides and Pesticides are some of the most toxic chemicals used in present world regularly. Insecticides are agents used to kill or repel the insects present in a vicinity. The insects commonly aimed are mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, bugs, etc. These insecticides are used regularly in indoors like in homes, hotels, theaters, restaurants, recreation clubs and also to a great extent in outdoors like agriculture farms […]

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Beneficial Bacteria | 15 Uses for Humans, Plants and Soil

beneficial bacteria

Beneficial Bacteria definition: These are the bacteria which are helpful to the other living organisms through the way of nutrition, health or any other support without causing any harmful effects. Bacteria are viewed as only harmful to humans. But they have a very great role in human life. Besides, they also play a great role […]

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Classification of Bacteria | by Shapes & Characteristics

Classification of Bacteria

Bacteria  are unicellular organims present in entire biosphere. They have vital importance on earth and hence studied extensively in microbiology. You can study about them in detail in microbiology courses in medicine, pharmacy and even basic biology. These bacteria are unicellular (single-celled) organisms and are of microscopic and invisible to the naked eye. The bacterial classification […]

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Soil fertility: Its influence on the life of plants

soil fertility

Soil is the upper most loose layer of the earth’s crust. It is powdery material with different grades and size of soil particles. Soil supports the growth and survival of the plants and trees. Due to this all the animals are dependent on plants for their survival in one or other way. Most animals depend on plants for […]

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Virus Structure & a quick glance into Virus Biology

virus structure

Virus are the smallest and ultra microscopic particles discovered by Iwanowsky in 1892. They are observed only by an electron microscope. They are so smaller that they can pass through bacterial filters. Further, they are obligate parasites on either animal or plant cells. That means they are inactive viable forms only inside the host and inactive once outside […]

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Importance of Soil | 14 Uses to Man, Animals and Agriculture

Importance of Soil

The soil is one of the most valuable natural resources available to us. The importance of soil and its uses include Making Utensils Source of medicines Fertility to plants and crops Retains water (enhances groundwater levels) Shelter for animals Provides valuable minerals Helps to decompose waste Growth of microbes Construction material Cools the atmosphere Importance of […]

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8 Types of stem cells | Their differences and sources

types of stem cells

Stem cells are thought to be important health rescuers in future. So many people seems to be speaking about stem cell storage or its importance. The stem cells are normal human cells and obtained as embryonic stem cells, adipose stem cells, amniotic stem cells, umbilical cord stem cells, dental stem cells, bone marrow stem cells, mammary stem cells etc. All […]

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Rules to Carry Experiments on Animals & Humans

Most of the products in market like drugs, nutrition, pesticides etc are tested for their quality, toxicity, effectiveness using some living forms like plants, animals, insects and also humans. Use of living organisms inflicts pain and suffering during experimentation hence, certain ethics and laws have to be followed by the experimenter as per rules of the country. Every country has rules for animal and human safety. […]

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