5 Importance of Biology | Branches, Concepts and Topics

Biology is the study about the living organisms in the world.

These include the plants, animals and microbes in the nature around us.

This subject has a great contribution to man and hence it is taught in every educational school.

For the ease of study, biology is broadly divided into two subjects as Botany and Zoology.

Botany is the one which deals about plants and their characters in detail.

While zoology deals with the structure and functions of animal bodies.

Every minute aspect of life is covered in the subject starting from birth or germination, growth, reproduction and their death.

Further it has many diverse branches like microbiology, biochemistry, biotechnology, genetic engineering etc. for those interested in deeper knowledge of  biology.

Importance of biology in daily life

1. Knowledge of nature.

2. Benefits to man.

3. Role in medicine.

4. Contribution to research

5. Safe guard and Conservation of nature

Knowledge of nature.

Study of biology helps one understand the nature around. One can know what is an animal, plant, microbe etc. It also teaches the structure of different parts of plant and animal bodies. Explanation of the processes like reproduction, metabolism, food collection etc will be described well.

Benefits to man. Learning biology can help one understand the benefits of nature to man. We can learn the source of our food, milk, meat, eggs and other essential in details. One can also learn how nature contributes to agriculture, house construction, travel etc. For centuries man relies on animals for travel.

Role in medicine. Knowledge of biology helps one understand concepts of health and disease better. A students gets an idea of what is the body made of, its physiology, etc. This helps to understand disease state and also chances for improvement. It also helps one understand the useful substances from plants and animals which are used for medicine. Most of the disease condition find solution by biological knowledge.

Contribution to research: Biology contributes a great deal to research. Even space exploration and landing on other planets can be done by use of animals.

Many drug, engineering and biomedical studies can be done well by knowledge of biology. Interesting point is that even the destruction capability of powerful bombs was done by use of animals.

Safe guard and Conservation of nature: By knowledge of biology, we can understand the species which are endangered and protect them. This saves them from extinction. Even the soil, forest conservation is possible due to biology.

Study of the plants in botany makes us understand their role in human survival. For details go through importance of plants.

Similarly you can study about the importance of birds, importance of forest etc.

Concepts: Biology has many concepts to make it easy for use to understand the vast information.

These concepts include

  1. Cell and their types, tissues, organs and body systems
  2. Photosynthesis
  3. Respiration
  4. Excretion
  5. Metabolism.
  6. Reproduction etc.

There are also many branches in biology like

  1. Biochemistry
  2. Microbiology
  3. Biotechnology
  4. Agriculture sciences
  5. Forestry
  6. Animal husbandry etc.

These branches help us learn the importance of biology and the living organisms around us. Lets see them in brief

Biochemistry: Is the branch of biology dealing with the chemistry of animals and plants. It is vast and helps us understand the various physiological processes in the body.

Importance of Biology

Microbiology: As the name indicates, it deals with the study of microorganisms, their control and treatment for human benefit.

Agriculture sciences: This part of biology helps us learn how to grow crops for food supply to the society around.

Forestry: This branch of biology makes us learn about forest and their maintenance.

Animal husbandry: This branch of biology focuses on animals for food and other requirements.

They are the resources which provide many of the basic needs like food (for both humans and animals in the form of carbohydrates, proteins and fats), clothing (they are the largest supply of fiber as cotton required to make cloth), shelter (as Knowledge of nature.they provide interior and exterior furniture), medicines (as they are greatest source of medicine).  These medicines have advantages of better body assimilation, compatibility and low unto side effects. Hence study of botany helps us to further discover their uses to human survival.

Study of animals is vital because it gives us knowledge about the types of animals available, their living habits, food chains etc. It helps for better study on animals useful to humans like those which provide food (eggs, milk,honey & meat), which contribute for clothing (wool from sheep), which are dangerous when encountered for man etc. Some of the animals are useful in making of drugs and medicines useful to man. For example many of the anti-bodies are prepared by using animals as reservoirs. We can also understand the role of animals in maintenance and balance of our environment.

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