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Branches of Biological Science

Biological science is one of the important subjects of science studied as a part of education. It deals with the living beings in detail. It helps us understand the process of life, like birth, growth, disease, etc. Further, it helps us study the applications of biology in different aspects of human life. Those who wish […]

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Systemic Enzymes | Their Examples and Uses

systemic enzymes

Systemic enzymes are those which are present in almost all the regions of the body. Unlike, the localized enzymes present in digestive system or liver, these enzymes are present in every cell, tissues or regions of the body. Systemic enzymes examples Plasmin Ceruloplasmin Alcohol dehydrogenase cyclooxygenase (COX) ATPases Plasmin: This is a protease enzyme that […]

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Animal Cell Facts | With Examples and Uses

Animal Cell Facts

There are few millions to billions of cells in an animal body based on its weight and size. Animal cells are unique than the plant cells in many aspects. Unlike in plants, there are different types of cells with diverse functions. They vary based on the body organ and type of tissue they form. Animal […]

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