Present Education System | Its Effectiveness and contribution

The present education system seems to be highly evolved due to being connected to technology and the use of advanced methods of learning.

But, it looks like the only aim is to make a living and is devoid of values and ethics.

There are a number of subjects and courses, and one can perceive whatever he likes.

Also, online education is available for the study if there is no local institute nearby.

However, there are also a few discrepancies within the current education system.

Present Education System


Present Education System

The teacher is important to impart better knowledge about the subject.

He also guides the students on the right path to perceive the subject.

Without a teacher, a student may not be able to complete studying a subject on his own.

Even if he does, it will not work in an appropriate or requisite manner.

So, the role of a teacher in education is quite essential. However, teachers are selected only based on credentials without evaluating their ability to mold the students.

Further, due to technological advancement, there is a large-scale availability of online videos and lessons, which tend to minimize the role of the teacher.


music teacher

There are many more courses now to perceive than before.

With the passage of time, many more courses would be added to the education system. But the traditional subjects are still in great demand due to their absolute requirement in human life.

Whereas among new courses some of them are not required in few countries and some of them are not suitable to be perceived by the students.

For example, pharmacy course is not required in countries with meager medical facilities.

Agriculture courses are not required in countries where there is no agriculture or arable land.

Even the availability of so many courses and lack of proper knowledge by the student before taking them would land him in a jobless situation.

This is because of a lack of understanding of where he would stand once he completes the course.

students in chemistry lab


Practical education is essential to impart real-life knowledge of nature, its principles, biology, medicine and economics.

Practical knowledge helps the student to get a better idea of the subject than what was taught in the class or mentioned in the books.

It is good that most countries have practicals as a part of the curriculum.

However, due to technology, there is the availability of virtual presentations or demonstrations, which minimize the need to depend on the physical laboratory. However, this is not possible in all cases.

Also, practicals in labs require costly instruments and chemicals, making education an expensive process. Besides, there is a great deal of pollution, environmental hazards, and risks to nature.

For example, much of the chemical fumes and waste are left off from chemistry labs.

Though it seems negligible, doing it on a regular basis in many institutes can have some effect on the environment.

Also, the wide use of animals for experimentation also leads to endangering native species of animals like frogs, rats, etc.

In such cases, it is safer to use simulation software to minimize the effect on the environment due to education.

students studying


These are vital objects for education. Reading books impart language skills, writing, and understanding ability in the students.

In the present scenario, there are a large number of books from many writers.

It is quite tough for the students to judge which book is suitable for them. But those books with longstanding reputations are still in great demand.

They are irreplaceable due to their strong content and regular updates.

Also, these books are available in both hard copy and soft copy formats, making it easy for the students to buy and read.

Besides one can also buy used books at a lower cost.


teacher explaining mathematics

There are many different educational software for different purposes.

Some of them are for calculation, analysis, statistics, time schedules, etc.

Due to the greater load of the syllabus and also the ease of convenience, it has become inevitable to use the software.

Also, the chances of errors are higher in calculations by the manual method.

This has a disadvantage in that the brain ability goes down in the student as he relies on them even for simple calculations.

girl near university

School or college:

Education imparting institutes like schools and colleges should be well-equipped for better learning.

Based on this some institutes are well-reputed and in high demand.

They are quite expensive to manage and so governments spend a lot on their maintenance.

Students can find such institutes that have better faculty and brighter opportunities once they complete their courses there.

On the other hand, to meet the demand, there are business people coming up to set up schools and colleges.

In doing so, some of them do not maintain the necessary standards for learning.

Misuse of the education system:

The education system is also a place of widespread misuse.

Since students are energetic and ready to follow, they are sometimes instigated and used for political gains by the political parties.

Also since education is essential, there is widespread corruption in it.

Since one needs permission to establish a school or university, there is regular corruption in getting the approvals. In doing so, the quality of education imparted to students is lacking.

Hence you can find many institutes have insufficient staff per number of children prescribed.

Also, they would not have sufficient resources for learning, playing, etc. There are also other issues like harassment of the students, ill-treatment, etc.

In the current education system, there is definitely a lack of respect for the teacher and also education in the student.

This is particularly higher in places with corruption and ill-treatment in the education system.

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