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Chemistry is the science of study of matter in finest sense, its interactions and existence.

5 Fossil Fuels Advantages and Disadvantages

Fossil fuels are the fuels obtained from petroleum products. These products are formed from fossil remains of the past. It is thought that these are formed from decomposition of dead waste of plants and animals for millions of years. They are deeply located in the earth crust. Especially oceans and desert areas are found to […]

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Column Chromatography | Principle, Procedure & Applications

column chromatography

Column chromatography is the prototype of chromatography. It has simple instrumentation with minimal requirements. It works based on the principle of adsorption chromatography technique. Column Chromatography Principle Principle of involved in this technique is the separation of components by adsorption. The sample mixture is allowed to pass through a column of solid stationary phase under […]

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Uses of Oxygen in the Body, Medicine and Everyday Life

uses of oxygen in the body

Oxygen is the vital gases responsible for life on the earth. It generates energy and supports the life of all the living organisms. Further, due to its high electronegative property, it also reacts with many organic and inorganic substances. Hence, there are many wide uses of oxygen. 10 Important uses include Energy generation in the […]

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7 Types of Chemical Reactions| Their examples

Chemical reaction is the way by which the life functions on the earth. Most changes in the matter takes place by some sort of chemical reaction. The whole science of chemistry revolves around chemical reactions. There are many types of chemical reactions to suit different needs of the matter. In general a chemical reaction brings […]

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7 Calcium Uses in Everyday Life

calcium uses in everyday life

Calcium is an essential element of the earth. Chemically it is a listed at 20 position in periodic table which is its atomic number. It is classified as a metallic element and its oxides are alkaline in nature. It combines with many other elements to forms various compounds. Calcium is one of the vital substances […]

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6 Difference between Chromatography and Electrophoresis

1 Difference between Chromatography and Electrophoresis

Chromatography is a technique which is meant for separation of component of a mixture. Similarly electrophoresis is also meant for separation of components of a given sample. But one needs to understand the difference between chromatography and electrophoresis for analytical needs. In general electrophoresis is used mostly in biological labs and forensic analysis. But chromatography is […]

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5 Sodium Uses in Everyday Life.

sodium uses

Sodium is one of the most talked and used elements. It is not readily available in molecular form or elemental form. But is available in plenty as various compounds. It is widely used in household, industries and also research labs As an ion Na+, it is present in all the animals and plants. Various compounds […]

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