How to Become Successful in your Career | 10 Tips to Follow

To have a successful and satisfactory career is a blessing these days.

As there seems to be many options and also many luring upcoming careers every fortnight, one faces a type of confusion in deciding what is best or how to go ahead in it etc.

Some of them go into some direction for long and then make a career change. This is again  due to lack of interest in it or lack of sufficient monetary benefits or other problems etc.

So this topic is not about a course or career but what a candidate has to focus on and how his career planning activity to has to be for a better career. Most opinions are based on my personal experience on .

 So tips to have a successful career:

1. Have goals and fixed time for the goals: Make a goal of what you wish to achieve. Let them not be blind fantasies. See that they can be realistic if worked well for them. Make an image form of the goals list on a paper and see them on daily basis to fix your mind on them.Have a Successful Career

2. Career not to be mixed with money-making: In western countries it seems that many study and enter into different courses with interest rather than monetary options alone like in developing countries. This makes a candidate excel well in the particular field as they can concentrate full efforts and potential in the filed.

3. Career not to be mixed with interest alone: Many people with desire or interest in a subject perceive it without any monetary concern or future twists and turns. They may land into some career with only focus for the subject and not a stable job with the progress in the subject. This can lead to stoppage of career due to unexpected limit in growth or funding etc.

4. Don’t depend upon others opinion for career without thinking and having your view about it: Many people give us numerous suggestions if you ask them to give. But of them some have given the suggestion without actually seeing it and some though might have seen the actual experience but will not have expected future changes with it. So though you take their suggestions

5. Don’t rely on present trend alone: There were and are some exciting trends like software boom, online marketing boom, health sector boom, genetic engineering, biotechnology etc. Try to see the career options with interest, monetary provisions, long-term changes in the field.

6. Think and act. Act only after thorough thought only. Acting blindly without before thought is always risky and you may need to see back again in future for corrections. Think in shortest possible ways, better ways and ways followed by many people around.

7. Time is valuable and keep the aims within reach. The time is most valuable but it doesn’t mean one should not have time for family, friends or leisure. But keep the things of your goals ticking everyday ticking in some or other way even in holidays.

8. Team effort and mutual support: Team effort help or taking help from others let us reach our goals faster. Because there is gain of time with reference to acquiring the skill you don’t have on doing the work to reach your goals. Even their suggestions and advice in the work may help reduce errors and mistakes etc.

9. Have family support: Human is a social animal, he succeeds and stays happy with a family. So try to have a proper family and get their whole support for whatever you do. Discussing issues with them gives better ideas and also keeps you in safe path. In case you fail, still they are with you to help you succeed.

10. Keep in touch with regular happenings around by news and chat with friends and colleagues. This is vital as you will know what’s happening around and there by update or modify your plans towards your goals.

11. Be cautious about your finances: During education and jobs, be especially cautious about your finance resources. If you lack finance or get into some debt, you may feel strangled and may have to change your path away from your goals or sometimes delay your journey towards your goals.

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