Scope of Online Education |6 Benefits of The System

Online education in simple words is an education on the internet.

It means one does not need to go for a physical school or college.

Due to growth in internet usage, online education courses have come up.

But the growth of online education is not as much as expected.

But still the scope of online learning at present day has broadened beyond classical teaching.

This is due to ease of application of the educational technology in teaching than in classical mode.

Further the scope of online education is not just limited to online tuition alone.

It has many other features like helping the students for exams, after school tuition, technology exposure, research etc.

Scope of online education:

1) Online courses: Many online universities and institutes have been offering online courses for graduation, masters’ studies and diploma programs. This is quite beneficial as the student can learn the subject from the comfort of his home. Further they can take up in their spare time and need not quit their jobs. This way of learning helps them achieve higher educational qualification and in turn get promotions in jobs.

Further if a person needs to join some course and is lacking some expertise, he can take up college prep courses online to get ready for regular course.
2) Online revisions: Revision is one of the key for daily study and exam preparations. Revision does not need a teaching but a constant grading of performance or updating the knowledge.

Performance refers to ability to recall the subject while updating refers to improving the current knowledge of a topic from the one already had before. Since students might forget what he heard from teachers in school or college, revision helps him recall and remember that teaching. Scope of online education

3) Online exam: Many times students might need to crack competitive exam for an admission in a prestigious university or scholarships. Online exams serve as a mock test or practice papers to get prepared beforehand of the actual exam. It helps them know their ability to score from the knowledge they have and also their exam time utility.

Many students who appear for an exam without some prior practice test fail due to lack of time management or improper comprehension of questions. They do not understand the questions properly or their time to read and answer the questions was not fast enough. So they either make wrong answers be unable to answer all the questions due to lack for time. Online practice test help them learn how to manage time in exam hall and also improve the speed of solving the question paper. Thus keeps them ahead of competitors.

4) Online training: Some companies and even schools and colleges may need some training for their employs or students. This training mostly involves field or practical training. But still some times a mere demo online by a person performing it on the other side is sufficient. This way of online training reduces travel, time and other expenses.

This is also applicable for some vocational courses or summer programs where students are on holidays and can be asked to learn something.

5) Online library: Not all books are available in the local libraries or on the campus of an institute. Online libraries and other informative services as a part of online education help to solve the problem. One is accessible to unlimited set of journal or books for references.

6) Apps: This is another area of development in online education. You might have noticed many apps to learn English language or any other language. These apps help you learn the foreign languages with ease. Also there are apps as simulation for various science, mathematics and technology topics. Further these apps can be taken up on one smart phone or tablet to be read at convince like travel or outing etc.

7) Games: These play another prominent role in education. There are some games to help one learn some topics of study. This is a way of play and study liked by many kids.
Even many colleges and schools find it difficult to cope up the cost of practical education. So they limit themselves from teaching most advanced methods or discoveries to their students as they are unable to afford the cost. For them online education comes as a solution. This is because they can get to see virtual practical experiments using online simulations and lab videos.

Thus the scope of online education has ability to be taken up even in remote parts of the world and also by economically disadvantaged schools and colleges. However, this can lead to some undue effects like unreliable and out of the context information.

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