How to Prepare for Competitive Exam Without Coaching

If you are preparing for an exam to qualify for a scholarships or any jobs after graduation you tend to take the help of coaching institutes.

If you are not interested to pay heavy fee to the coaching centers, or if there are no proper coaching institutes around, then preparation for competitive exams will be tough.

But this does not mean one cannot succeed in competitive exams without the help of a coaching institute.

There are many people who have qualified competitive exams successfully even without coaching.

For this we can adopt the techniques of coaching institute for exam preparation.

Besides, we need to have strict time schedule as there is no external monitors.

Below are the tips to prepare for competitive exams without coaching centers.

The techniques of coaching centers are:

1. Regular classes: In a coaching institute, there are regular tutoring sessions included to complete the syllabus. This helps the students to understand the subjects better and also a chance of revision of subjects. Understanding subject is needed to get command over subject and answer questions smartly in competitive exam. Since many students forget what they have been taught in schools, teaching in these coaching institutes will help one recall the subject. This  makes it easy for the students to get command over the subject.

2. Weekly or biweekly exams or test for evaluation: Exams and tests are conducted to improve your ability to succeed the final competitive exam.

This helps us get accustomed to exams and keep us ready to face the final exam. Further other qualities like nervousness is minimized and builds confidence.

The ability to read and understand the questions faster is habituated by these tests. Even one’s question solving speed is enhanced. Many students fail to succeed because they could not answer as many question as possible in a given set of time. The coaching institutes conducts mock test to improve your ability and speed. Further it shows where a students in answering the number of questions correctly.

3. Good study material: Standard study material gives the right and required information to qualify the exams. Finding the right study material is tough and these institutes prepare one out of experience.

4. Discussions In a coaching institute there are many students besides you. They can be of help to clarify doubts and get inputs of any related new happenings. Discussion helps to not only clarify any doubts but also gives your others way to understand the subject. This makes even better in analysis the subject.

5. Availability of efficient tutors: Presence of efficient and experienced tutor is an advantage. If there are any doubts with reference to subject or exams, they can help to clarify you.

Tips to prepare for competitive exam without coaching

a) Regular studies everyday:

Since we have no external time table or any one to monitor us, we need to have our own time schedules to study. The best times is like in the early mornings before college or office hours and again in the evenings if possible. Regular touch with books and syllabus is essential till appearing for exam. But do not neglect health, diet and proper rest.

b) One needs thorough completion of syllabus:

Question paper in competitive exam covers any part of the syllabus mentioned. So no portion of syllabus can be neglected. Hence one needs thorough completion syllabus.

  • First check the syllabus required to study for exam.
  • Gather standard books and notes to study the syllabus.
  • Complete the syllabus including every chapter or topic mentioned as fast as possible. There are possibilities that some chapter are understood yet when we go for revision we can understand them. The aim should be to complete the syllabus.

c) Multiple and effective revisions: Revise and revise the syllabus as many times as possible. Revision helps to keep you updated with subject and also helps memorize better.This can be done on entire week with each subject on everyday basis. Revision is so important and without revision it is useless to cover new chapters. This is particularly useful for English and biology.

d) Solving previous exam papers:

Solving previous exam paper is very interesting and also very much required. It helps to evaluate how much one can score in the exam. It helps to answer the questions in stipulated time. There are many students who fail to answer all the questions in competitive exam within the fixed time leading to low score. So to answer all the questions one should practice previous question papers.

The technique is to revise the entire syllabus once and then go for answering a previous question paper and evaluating your ability. This should be repeated by revising syllabus again followed by answering a fresh question paper.

e) Referring new books or internet for more information:

Few questions in competitive exams seem to be very new or unexpected. Yet one should solve or answer them to score better than others. So one need to refer to new books or more information on the internet for more information. Always there are chances of new or surprising questions in exam. So we need to answer them smartly.

f) Make a group: If possible make a group study. Group study helps one cover vast syllabus in short time. But useless chit chat can also waste time. So group study should be by mutual explanation of subjects and clarifying doubts.

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