5 Uses of External Hard Disk

Planning to buy an external hard disk? Then go ahead and buy one because the uses of external hard disk are well worth in having them.

But while buying be careful to choose a better one from among those available companies.

If you are not tempted to buy one at present still read the uses.

Because you might definitely need one in future due to rising popularity of modern gadgets like iPad, iPhone, tablets, laptops etc.

Further the demands of more memory space and frequent travels are also high.

Important Uses of external hard disk:

1.Synchronize your data between computers: Synchronizing the data in between computers is a smart technique to have same data format in two or more devices.

“For instance you have a home computer and also other computers at work place or office then the number of files and any modification in the files can be kept constantly updated in between all these devices by using free synchronizing software. But for this you will need an external memory device like hard disks for the purpose.

2. Back-up important project data: If you are working on an important project using a computer or doing your research like PhD or writing a paper etc, it is safe to have a back up of your entire work on an external hard disks. It is also advisable to write-up a DVD or CD if the data is small.Hard Disk

External hard disk can also serve to back up your personal computer if the memory of disk is sufficient.

3Install software for personal use: If you have some software which you like to use on personal basis at home or at office computer or at public place  then external hard disk is a good option.

The tip is connect the hard disk to the computer where you intend to use the software. Then install the software such that its installation folder lies in the hard disk and not on the computer. Then after installation you can open the software by clicking the shortcut on the desktop or the start menu. When you disconnect your hard drive, others can’t open the software as the installation folder is in the hard drive with you.

4. Carry data easily: If you are working on computers regularly both at work place and home then the data carriage can be easy with external hard drive. You can avoid carrying the heavy laptops for the purpose. Further the data transfer rates are very fast unlike flash drives so you can work without inconvenience.

5. Extra memory (Storage of extra data): Now a days we have a huge amount of data of interest like video/audio files (old & favorite movies, songs), games, software etc. Though we have personal desktops or laptops with good amount of memory still the memory seems to be insufficient.

Further many of us started using i-pads, i-phones, tablets due to low weight and ease of carry. Yet these devices don’t have sufficient memory and hard disks can be handy to serve the purpose as they are also small and compact for easy carry along with them. 

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