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Chemistry is the science of study of matter in finest sense, its interactions and existence.

Monoatomic Elements | Their Properties and Applications

Monoatomic elements are those elements which have a single atom existing individually in nature. For examples when you talk about hydrogen, oxygen you will write their chemical structure as H2 and O2. This means element hydrogen exists as two atoms of hydrogen combined as H-H. Similarly, oxygen exists as O-O again a combination of two […]

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Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry | Similarities & Differences

Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry

Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry are both separate branches of chemistry. They are so divided because of basic differences and understanding involved. Organic chemistry deals with organic compounds while the biochemistry deals with the chemistry inside the living beings. So organic chemistry is more or less related to chemistry while biochemistry is related to biology. But […]

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Monomer of Carbohydrates | Their Chemical Structure and Examples

Carbohydrates are optically active poly-alcoholic aldehydes or ketones. They contain elements carbon, hydrogen and oxygen in the ration 1:2:1. These are biogenic and found in both plants and animals. Through food, one can avail large quantities of  carbohydrates as sucrose, starch, cellulose etc. These carbohydrates are basically monomers and they form polymers to produce long […]

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Normal Phase Chromatography| Principle and Applications

Normal phase chromatography is one where in the stationary phase is polar in nature and the mobile phase is non-polar in nature. Chromatography is a separation process which employs two phases i.e. stationary phase and a mobile phase. The stationary phase is water soluble and polar in nature. While the mobile phase is water insoluble […]

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Tips for Writing Your Chemistry Lab Report

chemistry lab report

Writing a lab report in chemistry is one of the most significant challenges out of all. Students have to undertake laborious researches and prove the received data. Moreover, they have to explain the outcomes. Nobody likes doing the laboratory reports instead of having some fun with friends. We can bet that you’d like to spend […]

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